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Note from the “Ranch”
Show Low, Arizona


Swimming pool business owners are working long hours and wondering if there might be a better way.  In fact, there is a better way, but it’s not where they think.


There are three critical elements and five essential factors for perpetual business growth that also free your time and life, while increasing profits.


The three critical elements are, people, systems, and vision.


“People” include both yourself and your team.  For your team to realize a truly high performance and happy environment, the leadership must first be well established and functioning effectively.  In nearly all cases, any inefficiencies originate at some level, from the top.

“Systems” are the “way things get done” and for most their business has few documented systems, and fewer written standards of performance.  The resulting “way things get done” include a certain amount of inconsistency and inefficiency.


Additionally few businesses are properly trained or equipped to deal with the frustrations that arise.  In most cases the “frustrations” are dealt with at the “symptoms” level instead of identifying and resolving the underlying problem.


The way you know if a frustration it fully resolved is, if the “symptom” recurs, then the “problem” was not solved.  Problems are usually far deeper than the symptoms and are not discovered via surface level observation.


And then there is the companies “vision”.  Is your business “vision” clear, known by all, and in writing?  Are all decisions and processes evaluated to ensure the “vision” is furthered?  These are critical questions that left unanswered create delays and loss of traction in your businesses growth.


So besides these 3 critical elements, what are the five essential factors?  It is important to note that most are not aware of these five factors and as a result have not introduced them into their lives or as part of their business action process.


The five factors are, Frequency, Repetition, Consistency, Accountability, and a Feedback Loop.  Research has shown us that “training” without these five elements in place most often results in highly diminished returns.


All of us have attended training events only to walk away with only a fraction of the information that we might need to develop action and results.  Also we are often missing the “feedback” and “accountability” required to implement ideas quickly and in the right way the first time.  Eventually we may figure out what we missed, but precious time and profits are lost.


Those who wish their business to succeed at the highest levels will implement the five essential factors into their daily life.  As a result they will increase performance and reduce time involvement by the elimination of errors.


Mario Rossetti and I have long realized the challenge of building a highly successful and scalable business is widespread and it seems no one has offered a solution.  So, we built the solution.


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To your continued success,



Rex Richard,
Co-founder, Pool Nexus