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Note: Although, due to their continuous public demonstrations of unpatriotic expressions and actions, I personally decline to purchase anything from the company that developed this highlighted tag line. However, I do appreciate the creativity behind just three small words that when joined together provide the impetus for immediate action.


Just do it

It is probably one of the most proactive, exhilarating and compelling company tag lines ever developed.  The series of ads are at first subtle; then once understood totally dramatic and dynamic.  Just do it. Just do it.

It almost says it all, when it is applied to sales or even business in general.  Just do it.  Just do what?  For most of us – anything!  That’s right; just do something.


80%-20%.  REALLY

Salespeople are some of the most talented, creative and successful people around.  We are also some of the most lazy, self-centered, almost-successful people around.  Ouch!  The first group is at the 20 percent echelon.  The second group is at the 80 percent echelon.

I have become convinced that the 80-20 Rule, or the Pareto principle, certainly applies to salespeople (actually it is probably more like 90%-10%).  The rule, as it relates to salespeople, asserts that 80 percent of the positive results are earned by 20 percent of the salespeople.  All we have to do is get ourselves to that rare 20% neighborhood and we will always prosper.  So, how do the 80% make it to the 20% category?  Just do it!



Getting from the 80 percent doldrums to the 20 percent heights doesn’t just happen.  For most of us the way to make it happen is through hard work.  Work!  I am recalling the response that Maynard G. Krebs of Dobie Gillis fame had to that very same word (sorry; if you are not from the 60’s era, you’ll just have to Google it).  Yes, there’s no getting around it; sales at the 20 percent level takes hard work.  The good news is that we can all make it, if we really want to.

Years ago, I was made aware of the famous Yale University twenty-year study concerning success and goal setting.  The study determines that two of the major factors to achieving success are to ‘Identify What You Need to Know’ and another is to ‘Identify People, Groups & Organizations’ that can help you get the information you need and then implement it.  It is in ignoring these two critical areas that many of us begin our spiral into mediocrity.



I mentioned earlier that 80 percent of salespeople are some of the most lazy, self-centered, almost successful people around.  The sad fact is that the negative behaviors that make and keep us almost successful are rooted within our own minds.

Most often, our ego will not allow us to recognize that we need help in our professional development.  If we do realize it, our misdirected and negative self-image will often not allow us to make the investments in time, effort and dollars necessary to correct the situation.  We continue to blame our lack of success, or average results, on our company, our prospects, the economy or other equally convenient and dubious excuses.  Habit and the continued self-application of low expectations take care of the rest.  As a result, we remain firmly in the 80 percent ranking and therefore remain almost successful for the duration of our careers.



If you want to get to the 20 percentiles, just do it.  Do what, you ask?  Do something.  Anything.  But do it NOW!  I believe that action is the most important ingredient to sales success.  Nothing happens without it.  As the old Chinese sage once said, “Even a journey of 100 miles begins with but one small step”.

Yes, the planning is critical.  No long-term success is possible without it.  For instance, building a well-planned, flexible presentation is essential to sales success.  The presentation is one of the primary elements that serves to elevate and separate us from the average salespeople out there.  Practice is also necessary and highly valuable.  Excellence cannot be obtained without practice and more practice.  But none of this is moving us forward without action.  That first small step.  Action.  Do something.  Anything, but do it now!



Often, it’s lack of knowledge, planning or preparation.  We are not prepared; not ready to create or provide valuable solutions for our prospects.  In our hearts we know when we are not prepared, and that knowledge negatively affects our attitudes and ultimately our performances.

Lack of knowledge and training creates doubt in us and therefore in our prospects.  It may create a hesitation or lack of continuity in our presentation or show a lack of confidence in our behavior.  We begin to experience angst and apprehension.  This reveals our anxiety and fear.  We may continue to fool ourselves about it, but we will never be able to fool our prospects.  Never.



Stop thinking about it, over analyzing or pondering it.  Get over the ego difficulties.  Get some continuing support and do something with what you learn.  Get into the 20% category for 2020 and beyond.

It’s your call.  Remain where you are or get support and join the ranks of the 20 Percenters.  Just do it.  Do it now.


God bless and good sales,